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Floor Renovation

Vinyl Flooring in Diss and the surrounding areas

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Step by step guide to our vinyl fitting service.

During our initial room assessment, we identify the existing floor type beneath the old carpet or vinyl, determining the need for plywood on wooden floors or a levelling compound on concrete.

After removing the old flooring, we cut everything up into little rolls and place the old flooring outside, near the van. We then go and scrape the floor ensuring a pristine surface. If laying onto a concrete floor we will use a floor stone to smooth high points, followed by dust removal and then an application of a smoothing compound. 

After allowing enough drying time for the primer and compound, we will begin cutting and securing, followed by joint smoothing for a flawless surface. 

As we introduce the vinyl into room, we unroll and align the measurements and trim any excess material, making sure it fits snugly against the skirting boards.


We carefully apply a specialised glue with a grooved trowel, and then we secure the vinyl in place, eliminating bubbles using a roller. This process is repeated on the other side to ensure uniform adhesion.


The final step in the process involves cutting the vinyl neatly against the skirting boards, followed by a thorough cleanup. We seal all the edges with silicon to prevent water penetration and advise customers on timing for moving items back into the room, emphasising not to clean until the glue has fully cured.

Looking for new vinyl flooring or LVT? Get in touch with the experts today on 07834 639928. 

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