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Floor prep for luxury vinyl tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tiles Fitter in Diss and the surrounding areas

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Step by step guide to our luxury vinyl tile fitting service.

During the initial assessment of the room we are doing the flooring in, we identify what the existing floor type is beneath the old carpet or vinyl, determining the need for plywood on wooden floors or a levelling compound on concrete.


After removing the old flooring, meticulous cleaning and scraping ensure a pristine surface. For concrete floors, we use a floor stone to smooth high points, followed by dust removal and application of a smoothing compound.


When a levelling compound is necessary, we ensure a tidy surface, apply a primer, and meticulously mix and lay the compound, allowing ample drying time. Plywood installation involves precise layout, cutting, and securing, followed by joint smoothing for a flawless, ready-to-fit surface.


Preparation is key in our floor fitting process. After applying the levelling compound, we clean the floor ensuring the surface is immaculate before laying the vinyl.

Precision is vital when marking out the floor, particularly making sure they align seamlessly with the room layout. Our method involves starting from the dominant room if doing more than one, such as the kitchen, using a centreline for guidance. 

Plank widths are measured to ensure an even space against the skirting boards. We use pressure sensitive glue and a then a roller to stipple the floor before laying the planks. 

The first few planks are then laid. A heavy roller is then used to ensure they are securely bonded to the floor. Corners and edges are then cut for a seamless finish.


Once we have swept and tidied the area, we then wipe the floor to remove any excess glue, ensuring a pristine presentation. Silicone is applied around the skirting boards to seal the gaps. After a final inspection to check everything is done as it should be, that is the job complete.

For our luxury vinyl tile service or carpeting, call us today on 07834 639938.

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