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Beige carpet fitted by OLW Flooring

Carpet Fitting in Diss and the surrounding areas

Discover Timeless Flooring Excellence from OLW Luxury Flooring.

Step by step guide to our carpet fitting service

At OLW Flooring we take pride in the work we complete. When we arrive at the job, we ensure the room is clear of any furniture. We check with the customer to see if they want to keep any existing carpet, and if not, we cut this down into manageable rolls, and dispose of it.


We start the carpet fitting process in the corner of the room, carefully removing the old carpet, underlay, and staples, ensuring a clean surface ready for the new to be laid. If needed, we place new grippers, and the floor is meticulously prepared. 

We lay the underlay, staple it down, and cut excess using the gripper as a guide. Once this step is complete, we bring in the new carpet, aligned, and trimmed for a perfect fit.

Using a knee kicker and bolster, we secure the carpet onto the grippers, ensuring a neat finish along the walls. After stretching and cutting, we tidy edges, clean up debris, and vacuum for a flawless result.

Our commitment is to leave your space just as immaculate as when we arrived.


At OLW Flooring we also offer a bespoke rug service, tailored to your preferences. Whether it is for your living room or patio doors, we customise rugs to fit any shape or size requirement. You can provide dimensions, or we will measure on site to ensure a perfect fit around obstacles like fireplaces or skirting boards. Our process includes selecting the carpet type, cutting it to size, and binding the edges according to your choice. Optional underlay ensures added comfort and longevity. After installation, we tidy up and advise on allowing the rugs to settle for optimal results.

Get in touch with the carpet & vinyl experts in Diss today by calling 07834 639938.

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